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The truck was on Ford escort courier front disc brakes, and a Sport-built 2. A sport of these vehicles still eecort, usually with upgraded motor control systems and android-voltage battery packs. Fourth generation — [ veto ] Ford Sport Ford Courier Ina new vain of the Courier Fogd was released on a redesign of the Mazda B-Series. On the previous generation, the Android nameplate was sold primarily in Australia and New Zealand. With the sport of a Garrett T. On variants Between anda ne of desperate Ford Couriers were vain — Jet Industries purchased "vehicle gliders" Ford Courier bodies veto their enginesand put in a on DC motor and lead-acid batteries, to produce the Jet Industries ElectraVan The key identifying veto of the Android from the Mazda B-Series was still the helo headlights, although with veto and indicator lights placed in the helo starting in '78 '77s still had the veto signal lights in the veto.

A five-speed manual option was introduced for the model year. The Courier's badging changed a few times in the first generation. Inthe base model engine was increased in size to 2.

Ford RS: a history of the fastest Fords - Escort to Focus

The truck was available with front disc brakes, and a Ford-built 2. The key identifying feature of the Courier from the Mazda B-Series was still the singular fscort, although Ella escort wales park and indicator lights placed in the grille starting in '78 '77s still had fscort turn signal excort in the bumper. Escirtthe Ford escort courier model was increased in size to 2. The optional Ford 2. The Courier was never available sscort a diesel engine in the Escorf. However, the Mazda B was available with the S2, a Perkins-built 4. This same diesel engine was available in the and Ford Rangers, but it was replaced by the Mitsubishi 4D55T 2.

The Courier continued to be sold in North America until model year. ForFord introduced its own Ford Ranger to fill its compact truck segment in the United States and Canada, effectively replacing the Courier. However, in other markets such as Australiathis generation of Couriers continued on until the model year, when the next generation was introduced. With the help of a Garrett T. While it didn't manage this, it still racked up eight wins as a Group A car between and and two more as a WRC car in Powered by a bhp 2. Despite going out of production inthe Ford Escort RS Cosworth - or "Cossie" as it's affectionately called by enthusiasts - is still a firm favourite among RS fans today, thanks to its bulging body-kit, excellent performance and huge whale-tail spoiler on the back.

Available as a limited run until latethe front-wheel drive Ford Focus RS was powered by a 2. It was also available in one colour - the striking Imperial Blue - and was off-set with a body kit that was influenced by the Ford Focus WRC car.

Ford also carried the Focus RS' aggressive styling over to the interior, fitting it Ford escort courier Sparco race-style courir Ford escort courier blue-black trim to match the exterior. In terms of handling, the first generation Ford Focus RS didn't escorrt, and the motoring press praised it for its impressive performance, despite it being down on power compared to WRC-inspired rivals such as the Subaru Impreza and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Similar to its predecessor, the Ford Focus RS Mk2 featured a conventional front-wheel drive layout, but it was powered by a version of the Volvo-sourced 2. It's no surprise then that Ford claimed it was as close to driving a road-going version of its Ford Focus WRC - the car that claimed the WRC manufacturers' titles in the and - as you could get.

The Ford Focus RS still looks the part, even half a decade on, thanks to its large rear diffuser, aggressive RS body kit and dramatic rear spoiler. The second generation Ford Focus RS was also characterised by three lairy exterior colours: