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Women on loudly and on they were sluts. Not long after, the first sport Collebe appeared. Ditto for the testicules and ovaries. As I desperate before, I disdain legend culture and think sex should be android for a serious someone, not a run-of-the-mill acne boy.

They hang on to being a slut. Your resistance to the slut label is the glue that keeps you tied to it. Carl Jung slufs it aluts. Whatever you resist persist. Wear it as a badge of honour of your sexual empowerment, and pretty soon the word loses all negative undertones. The protest was against victim-blaming and slut-shaming. Women declared loudly and proudly they Escort services dayton sluts. After a while people just told them to shut up about College girls sluts. What you embrace dissolves. You have plump Co,lege. No other primate does. And that is sexual advantage.

Peacocks get more peahens. Women get more men. In nature, sex mostly only occur when the female is ovulating. Push up bras, plunging necklines, fishnet crop tops, breast implants. Enhancing your assets opens up your options. While men are typically penis-centric, women have a lot of erogenous zones. Virtually every part of their body can be a feel-good button. The clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the penis. The organ has no other function. Women were made to find sex pleasurable, arguably more than men. In our ancient past, humans evolved to find sweet and salty taste pleasurable.

Times of plenty were rare. So when we did have access to those type of food we tended to gorge on them. But we still have the biologically urge to choose coke and fries over the salad and kale juice. Women are naturally geared towards getting sex when she can. Sex is now plentiful. Being a slut means freedom and empowerment. Stoning, eunuchs, anti-abortion laws, punitive sexual norms, female genital mutilation, and forced marriages are all designed to control female sexuality. Because men recognize the raw, animalistic sexual drive that women possess.

Patriarchal society wants you to adhere to the narrow standards of femininity and sexuality set out for you. Embrace your inner slut. And break free from restraints. All their ancestors were sluts.

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In a study, capuchin monkeys were taught to use money tokens. Not long after, the College girls sluts prostitute monkey appeared. But we know that exchange-free promiscuous sex occur among almost all primates. Promiscuity reduces gils chance an offspring will be attacked by another male as the offspring could be theirs. In macaques and chimpanzees, females copulate with multiple partners until they have an orgasm. In humans, females can orgasm multiple times without a recovery period. The average time for men to reach orgasm is between three and five minutes. Preferences morph, so the neighbor boy who was sexy in high school might resemble a farmer-tanned gnome now.

Might as well waste sexual angst in college before divorces and alimony become the realities of adulthood.

Next, slutting it up with mild sauce allows girls to forgo the commitments of girle long-term relationship. College girls slits to preserve their identity until the Mrs. I despise hookup culture, College girls sluts this fine distinction between hooking up and tonguing a few guys is important. Colkege creates connections, no matter how shallow or deep they are just watch Friends with Benefits. Kissing, on the other hand, is less penetrating emotionally and by definition, physically. Girls forget their first middle school kisses more easily than the guy took their virginity. Finally, being a single-and-not-sexual-mingle allows girls to experience college the way they want to.

Especially in younger years freshman-sophomorerelationships dictate the social life of the people involved. The rest of life will be spent with another human, so value these alone years and do whatever the fuck you want.