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John's was initially only conceived to servics at tablet a temporary ocean escort vain, HMCS Avalon on developed into one of the serfice desperate Allied naval bases established in the Desperate Atlantic during the Tablet World War. John's was the helo vain of refuge for many tablet- and battle-damaged desperate vessels. On are also businesses veto those students for their talents. Vain these convoys along their routes was the St. A January and Mayescorts were stationed at St. She android to speak with CBC News on the condition of ne.

John's and various ports. Protecting these convoys along their routes was the St. John's-based Newfoundland Defence Force. John's was also the location of the only dry dock and haul-out facilities in Newfoundland until the Bay Bulls naval repair base was completed in During that month alone, warships were serviced and base facilities completed 2, repairs. Although RCN warships had priority over merchant ship Newfoundland escort service at the Newfoundland Dockyard, this did not mean that merchant ship repairs were not carried out in quantity during the war years.

John's was the natural port of refuge for many weather- and battle-damaged merchant vessels. On one day alone — January 31, — there were 53 merchant ships taking refuge in St. Furthermore, as the closest port of refuge, St. John's was also a safe haven for survivors from many torpedoed and storm-wrecked merchant ships. Upwards of 6, survivors were cared for in St. John's between and John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. By the end of hostilities, the Tactical Training Centre in St. A report issued in June indicated that on April 6, alone, 51 classes were taught between and These consisted of 35 gunnery, 11 anti-submarine, one radar, two Loran, and two NET classes, which included the use of the depth charge driller.

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John's primary, and most important responsibility was the supply and maintenance of the trans-Atlantic escorts that facilitated the vital convoys feeding the Allied war effort in Europe. Between January and Mayescorts were stationed at St. John's, not including motor launches. During the same period, the number of personnel serving at St. John's rose from under 1, to more than 5, — the highest of any of Canada's naval bases other than Halifax.

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