Ford escort old skool

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Up front Kevin installed the Xe, Ford escort old skool out the bulkhead to enable him to move the engine rearwards for that all important weight distribution. The only downside to this is that he has encountered a few problems ole gears at high engine speeds and thus he is already on his third or gearbox. The weakest link was now the propshaft, a problem that let itself be known when it snapped at the top of a power run on the rollers Track and Road - not a pretty sight. It came made to his specification with billet steel half shafts and a Detroit locker for less than a third of the price of a similarly specced Atlas, and his is pretty confident there is no way he will be able to break it.

Kevin used to import and fit nitrous systems which meant there were no problems skopl it to this engine. It may not be to everyone's taste, but it is one hell of an engine. His passion for cars really resides in drag racing, and unfortunately this got to a point where everything was suffering: