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Interference may occur between bolt that secures fuel line shield to lower dash and gas mltor, causing pedal to stick wide open. Pins securing ignition lock can separate or move out of position; cylinder may disengage, causing steering column to lock up. On some cars, fatigue crack can develop in solder joint between fuel return tube and fuel pump sending unit; fuel vapor could escape when tank is full, and small amount may leak. On small number of front suspension units made by Dana Corp.

Ford Escort

On a few motoe, driver-side airbag fodd deploy improperly and expel hot gases. Two bolts 4cr attach passenger-side airbag may be missing; in frontal impact, the airbag could fail to restrain the passenger. Cracks can develop in plastic fuel tank, resulting in leakage. Equipment Lists Click on year to see fofd lists for all models offered for that model year. Pricing Used-car pricing 95 ford escort motor 4dr widely depending on local market conditions. Therefore, we recommend visiting excort that list used cars for sale to get d4r better idea of what a specific model is selling for in your area.

The Escort's interior, while offering plenty of room for front and rear passengers, is dreadfully plain rord utilitarian. Such things as the analog gauges and the steering wheel looked chintzy. Also, esxort duress, the Escort was the worst-handling car of the bunch. The steering was dull and vague, and the body leaned escrot in sharp turns. The brakes are adequate, but not confidence-inspiring, in panic situations. When revved the engine buzzed like a runaway chain saw. Funny thing is, not all Escorts are like this. I test-drove a Escort GT hatchback several years ago and found it to be a terrific, stylish c ar. However, the ultimate Escort is found at the Mercury dealer. The Tracer sedan body is mated to the Escort GT's high-performance, horsepower engine and sports suspension system.

Too bad one wasn't available. For so long, every new car Honda brought out hit the competition square in the jaw like a right cross from a lightning-quick prize fighter. So when I climbed into the bright red Civic, I expected nothing less than perfection. What I found was that the Honda is not much more than just another pretty face. Its performance, in terms of handling and acceleration, ranked no better than average for a compact car. When pushed hard around a corner, the Civic's body leans like a person who has had a few too many drinks. But the steering wheel turns smoothly, and the steering feels nice and solid. The interior lacks consistency.

The instruments and the sweeping dash they are housed in look great. Yet the center switch cluster, which holds controls for the air conditioner and the radio, is a mass of confusion. And it looks cheap. The Civic's exterior looks are its strong point - and maybe enough to cross out its road-holding and interior shortcomings. This car looks classy, sporty and it is extremely well-made. Hyundai Elantra It's time to jettison any bias you might have against Hyundai. It should not be written off your shopping list based on the reputation of other, older Hyunda is. If you test drive the Elantra and you don't like it, that's fine. But at least give the Elantra equal consideration.

Hyundai has made major improvements.

In addition to pounding the daylights out of a model at the stadium, I put miles on a Elantra in two days. Escory Elantra handles well and has esscort tight, fotd feel to it. For instance, when you slam the doors, they close with a solid thunk. Elantra has an awesome, tight-turning radius. The body stays fairly straight in hard, fast cornering, and when revved, the engine is somewhat loud, though not harsh. If the Elantra has a weak point, it 95 ford escort motor 4dr fod the engine isn't very responsive fofd low speeds. In fact, ewcort going from a stop in an Elantra with an automatic transmission is annoyingly time consuming. It seems to take forever to get rolling.

However, once the engine revs to about 3, rpm - or about 25 mph - the Elantra performs well. The dash layout is simple, if a bit utilitarian. The switches are big, well-labeled and easy to use. You'll find ample room in the front and rear, and a big, package-swallowing trunk. Saturn SL1 The Saturn is the most unique-looking small car of the lot. It's also one of the hottest small cars on the market. From a stop, the SL1 offers excellent throttle res ponse and is very peppy. The engine runs smoothly and quietly, unlike earlier models.

The Saturn's strong point is this: It feels very solid and safe. Its big dash is reassuring - you feel as if the car could take a hard hit without driver or passengers being injured. The SL1 also has what may be the smoothest shifting automatic transmission you'll find in a small car. The car is very agile and easy to steer. The SL1 handles well at moderate speeds; when pushed hard around a corner, the SL1's tires squeal rather loudly.