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The third and last generation of Escort, launched inrestyled the previous version and brought the car into Ford's then-prevalent design language, with more curves to the body shape and an oval grille with rounded oblong headlamp and side lamp units.

Inthe interior was refreshed. The Escorts featured a horsepower four-cylinder engine dngine to either a five-speed manual gearbox or a four-speed automatic transmission. Trim levels started with the base, esscort up to the mid-level LX, and topped Usev at the SE. Offered initially as a four-door sedan and a Cim escort service wagon, the Escort line gained a Ussed known as the ZX2 in to replace both the previous Escort GT and the discontinued Probe coupe.

The ZX2 became its own model inwhen Escorts were limited to the fleet market. All ZX2s used a more powerful hp 2. The Used engine escort was discontinued in replaced by the Focus wagon--and the related Mercury Tracer sedan and wagon were also discontinued that year. The second-generation Escort, launched inshared underpinnings with the then-current Mazda and Protege compacts. It featured all-new styling compared to the first generation, and came in four different body styles: Almost immediately, the blister-fendered Escort RS and its close relatives including the Mexico and RS began racking up victories across the rallying world.

And almost immediately, it became a symbol of what Britain still did well: The appeal of the Ford Escort RS, though it was never sold in North America, is to that worldwide audience that appreciates Charger Daytonas and Mustangs, but loves the stuff they grew up with as well. So the production bought five of the right-hand-drive RSs in Great Britain and completely rebuilt them in a British shop. That meant tearing the Escorts down to the bare shells and building them back up again. The engines were rebuilt, new five-speed manual transmissions went in behind them, new roll cages were fitted and each car was equipped with a pair of racing seats.

The standard instrumentation was ditched in favor of black panels with Revotec gauges. Forget an ignition key. It's been replaced by a battery connector plug and individual switches for the fuel pump and ignition. Sitting on byinch Compomotive Minilite-like bladed wheels and painted up in classic blue and white, this is a great-looking little car. This is a badass little car. Flight Tested Turn everything on, hit the start button and this twerp growls to life. It sounds as if it's ready to run away and win the London to Mexico rally. It was raw and a little beastly, but great.

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And no matter how well the Escort seems to handle the epic leap in the film, in reality that's envine to any car. So the two Ford Escort RSs that performed the big jump were destroyed. The first, reports McCarthy, wound up on its roof. And the second landed on its wheels but its structure was pretzeled up nasty.