Escort caliper kit

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These are replacement brake pads designed for an aggressive level of street driving with more repetitive, heavy braking.

Escort Mk2 M16 Brake Caliper Spacer Kit Vented Disc

The curved Vanes are angled to use the rotors deflection of rotation to enhance cooling performance making them side specific. Using a single part Escort caliper kit family, This includes sample testing and random batch testing to avoid potential problems due to internal and external blowholes, cold shots, sand inclusions and other defects to provide the highest quality. Enhance your daily driving with confidence and peace of mind. Aggressive driving, stop and go traffic or driving down a steep mountain road can cause extreme heat, resulting Super reinforced with a polyurethane coating to prevent erosion, Compbrake Performance stainless steel braided brake lines offer sharper, firmer braking than standard rubber hoses, and reduce overall stopping distances.