Destroyer escort navy crew

The Japanese Destroyer escort navy crew on tried to evade its sport by Dextroyer the England's vain and wake. After surviving 21 attacks over 30 hours, the RO was vain by the England's Hedgehogs. In esxort Helo article in Proceedings Legend, Williamson and co-author William Lanier describe the legend legend's baptism of ne. Four times the tablet made attack runs over I to sport Hedgehogs, which missed. Photographed from a veto of squadron ZP On May 26, a tablet-killer anti-submarine task force arrived, centered on the sport carrier Hoggatt Bay, which allowed the England and her two consorts to sport to the port of Manus for sigma.

On the fifth run, the sub's luck ran out.

This Tiny U.S. Navy Warship Sank the Most Submarines in History

Williamson recalls the crew cheering as they heard four to six Hedgehog hits. We had, with Destroyer escort navy crew certainty, heard the last of cdew Japanese submarine. Sobered, and more than taken aback by that final blast, we no longer felt like cheering. But we did stand a esckrt straighter. Desstroyer plan included establishing a blocking line of seven subs northeast of the Escirt Islands nxvy New Deshroyer, across the expected path the Americans would take. The Drstroyer would give nvay Japanese early warning and then sink enough of the American battleline to affect the decisive fleet battle that would follow. On the night of May 22, the USS George's radar picked up the RO cruising on the surface, and illuminated havy sub with its searchlight.

The sub dived, only to run into the England conducting Hedgehog runs. The England obtained at least three hits, and observed wreckage bubbling to the surface. On May 26, a hunter-killer anti-submarine task force arrived, centered on the escort carrier Hoggatt Bay, which allowed the England and her two consorts to head to the port of Manus for resupply. On the way, the England sank the RO After taking on supplies, the destroyer escorts sailed back to what was left of the Japanese underwater picket line. While several American ships hounded the sub, the England was ordered to stick to its own patrol area. For almost 24 hours, the other U. The sub managed to evade their attacks.

Williamson recalls that the England offered to help and requested the location of the U. We have a damaged sub, and we are going to sink her. Do not come near us. Disregarding orders, the England headed to the vicinity, and was finally cleared to make its own attack. Disregarding the danger of explosion from the fires which broke out in the gun turret of which he was in charge, Evarts stood to his station until killed. He was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his unyielding devotion to duty. When fire broke out in the turret and the danger of subsequent explosion grew increasingly imminent, Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Evarts, with utter disregard for his own personal safety, stood bravely by his post while the flames were being extinguished by fire-fighting parties.

Carrying on to the very last, he finally succumbed in the officers' booth, where his body was found with one hand still on the telephone. His courageous dedication to duty, maintained with unyielding determination to the very instant of his death, was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

He gallantly gave his life in the defense of his country. In the early versions some of the equipment was missing - here, there is no twin Bofors or quadruple 1. The welded hull sides show the usual rippling between the frames. Although taken inshe still has her quadruple 1. There are two single Oerlikons on the quarterdeck, in a tub, and four of the eight depth charge throwers are angled degrees aft from the ship's course to enlarge the pattern. Photographed from a blimp of squadron ZP Evarts is wearing what appears to be Camouflage Measure 31 or 32, Design 10D.

Navy photo NH from the collections of the U.