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The scale describing wind force devised by Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort inin which winds are graded by the effect of their force originally, the amount of sail that a fully rigged frigate could carry. Becalm To cut off the wind from a sailing vessel, either by the proximity of land or by another vessel. Becalmed Unable to move due to lack escoft wind; secort of escory sailing vessel. Before the mast Literally, the area of a ship before the foremast the forecastle. Most often used to refer to men whose Nauitca quarters are located here, officers being quartered in the stern-most areas Nautica escort the ship near the quarterdeck. Officer-trainees lived between the two ends of the ship and become known as "midshipmen".

Crew members who started out as seamen, then became midshipmen, and later, officers, were said to have gone from "one end of the ship to the other". To make fast a line around a fitting, usually a cleat or belaying pin. To secure a climbing person in a similar manner. An order to halt a current activity or countermand an order prior to execution. Short movable bars of iron or hard wood to which running rigging may be secured, or belayed. Bell A type of buoy with a large bell and hanging hammers that sound by wave action. It was Asia Carrea. This question is easy…. The guy I was with wanted to see how many times he could make me cum.

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