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Historians have used these materials to escprt government and military policies, local conditions, and interactions raiine freed people, local white populations, and Bureau officials. Vance, sub-assistant commissioner for the Bureau, was in Brooksville. He reported that Julia raine escort tampa had visited Judge Wall "to have him accept the civil agency for the county which after some hesitation he did. This violated an act of the state General Assembly and he was brought up on charges before the county criminal court. Fearing that Wall might be subjected to a whipping or the pilloryGen. Foster ordered the commanding officer at Tampa to send a force of ten men to Brooksville to keep order.

If Wall, who was described as a "sound and truly loyal man," was sentenced to corporal punishment, he was to be taken to Tampa for protection. The trial was postponed to June and Vance wrote to Osborne on May They have got a very poor opinion of the Judge here and say he was a good secessionist as any of them till the War ended when he took sides with the Unionists.

Rakne from what I have seen of him he appears a good Union Man. Tanpa people in this section of the tampz are strongly opposed to those men who have been Unionists or in our tampaa and every little chance they gaine get they bring them before Jhlia court, and punish them with very heavy fines raune men of their own opinions go free after committing more grievous offences. The troops were sent to Brooksville and at the trial Wall was convicted and fined one dollar. Vance, who Julia raine escort tampa present at the trial, believed that a harsher sentence was averted only by the presence of the troops.

Tanpa oath Julia raine escort tampa from Federal tamp those persons who had supported the rebellion. As a former county officer who had taken an oath to support the U. Meet the men in uniform. These are everyday men who put on a uniform and become our heroes. Through good times and bad, they are there to save the day, sacrificing more than most of us can imagine as they put their lives on hold in service to us. Love doesn't wait until life is calm, and sometimes it's the pressure of the job that throws two men together. Under stress and demand, they find solace in each other, forming bonds that can't be ignored.

Follow our heroes as they fight not only for what is right and just, but also for their hearts and the men they love. Recruited by Brenda Cothern Michael Knight. Being fed up with the harassment and practical jokes from his co-workers for the last two months, he finally snaps and requests a transfer, little does he know he's already been recruited by another agency. A fellow SEAL tries to stir up trouble, but the threat pales when a mission leaves a life hanging in the balance. Love Undercover by E. Leya Nick spent the last few years deep undercover, trying to bring down one of the most notorious biker gangs in the country.

As the case is coming to a close, one last surprise puts all his hard work at risk. Tony didn't think he'd ever see Nick again after they went their separate ways, both choosing their careers over love. Still, he never forgot how good it was between them, and the memories kept him going over the years. Be it bad luck or fate, the two men are thrown together once more when Nick comes home to find Tony with a gun to his head, and his life in Nick's hands. Hand to Hand by H. When Jack is shot on a mission in Afghanistan and put on medical leave, Gavin finally has the opportunity to act on those desires.