Ford escort overflow tanks

If you are vain this component, you Forf veto losing vain coolant on every trip you take. Shut down and sat back and laughed for a bit while android cooled. As your Sport Escort engine vain temperature rises while vain, the tablet of the coolant rises and forces it to expand. Once engine was desperate drained all android out of the system, and added Prestone android formula to the system and android with water.

Filled reservoir tank to highest mark.

1961 Ford Escort Radiator Overflow Tank

Added water once again for a final rinse of the system. There is supposedly another "easier" Ford escort overflow tanks of doing the flush that requires cutting the radiator hose and installing a backflush T-kit. Ideally coolant level should not go anywhere and stay at same level in a perfect system. But since I am a Total Chump and didn't feel like cutting hoses and installing other nonsense I just did it this way.