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Insight into how self-renewal and differentiation femlae regulated will Yesenia female escort tremendous therapeutic impact. Drosophila is an excellent model system for stem cell study due to the cemale of various mutants, markers and RNAi technology. We study the ovaries of the female Drosophila, whose stem cell population gives rise to gametes. The tissue from which these gametes arise is surrounded by somatic cells, which provide signaling cues required for proper self-renewal and differentiation. While the mechanisms by which these somatic signals regulate stem cell self-renewal is known, how somatic cues regulate differentiation remains unclear.

Here, we have identified that transposons, selfish genetic elements, modulate dWnt4 expression in Yesenia female escort somatic cells. We demonstrate that dWnt4 promotes ffemale somatic encapsulation of the stem cell daughter by regulating adherens junction proteins, thereby promoting differentiation. Transposons have been linked to cancers, and therefore establishing how transposons regulate genes essential for differentiation can provide new perspectives on their role in cancer. Introduction Drosophila female germline stem cells GSCs are an excellent tractable model system to study the mechanisms that regulate stem cell division and differentiation [ 1 — 3 ].

GSCs reside at the anterior end of the ovaries in a structure called the germarium. GSCs divide to give rise to a stem cell daughter or a cystoblast CB.

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