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If you aren't a fan of this car, that's fine. Everybody is welcome to an opnion.

Clutcy, there's no reason to interject this kind of crap without even being asked. In otehr words, if oyu don't have something productive sksve add, keep yer yap shut. That's just a matter of respect. We tried bleeding the lines and that didn't work either. Will probably replace the slave cylinder next. Thanks for your help! You might have to do ths a few times. Even if it doesn't work it's really no effort to try.

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Good Luck And Myescortsucks, did you ever think that it's you that sucks not your Escort. Buy a rusted out comaro if you want Bronx escort pic car to abuse. See how long it takes to loose your drivers licence while your at it. I'm sure glad that I don't have to pay for your tickets, and repair bills! It's still doing the same thing. He said to eliminate the check valve on the fire wall or fender well and put the two lines together? Does this make any sense? Brake fluid can be an irritant for your eyes and skin. Before you start working with it, put on gloves and safety glasses to help protect you from any brake 95 escort clutch slsve that may leak or drip onto you while you work.

Neoprene or latex gloves will prevent your hands from getting covered in brake fluid. Insert one end into an empty soda bottle. This will serve as your brake fluid catch can once you begin the bleeding process. The bottle will catch the brake fluid as it drains. It is integral that you refill the brake master cylinder with the correct type of brake fluid as you flush the old fluid out of the slave cylinder. Using the wrong kind of brake fluid could damage the system or cause it to fail. Part 2 Bleeding Your Clutch 1 Check the fluid level in the master cylinder. Open the cap to the brake fluid reservoir on the master cylinder and check the level of the fluid inside. The fluid should reach the full line on the reservoir.

The slave cylinder in your vehicle should be located in close proximity to the transmission, though its exact mounting location will vary from application to application. You will find the bleed screw on the bottom or the underside of the slave cylinder. It looks like a bolt with a nozzle sticking out of it. Press a clear hose onto the slave cylinder bleed screw and place the other end in an empty soda bottle. This will control the direction the released brake fluid will travel in as you bleed the system and provide a container to catch it in. Use an open ended wrench to turn the bleed screw counter clockwise with the hose attached to it. This will open the system and allow fluid to be pressed through into the hose.

Leave the screw open for now. With the bleed screw open and the hose in place, have a friend press the clutch pedal down to the floor and hold it there.