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I would think not. Well then no, sorry I love blow jobs at the bar. Oh, I have, who hasn't! Okay, I was talking about the blow job shot, but glad to know that you do that. University of Guelph Girl 1: Really, you're Cheap escorts college station a "Serial Murder" course? Yeah, it's pretty interesting. We won trivia night at the Brass Taps last night - they asked how many people you have to kill to officially be labeled a serial killer. How many do you have to kill? I always thought it would be more like Do you really think that after the first sixteen you're not a serial killer yet? You come to Ontario for one year for Library school and then you leave.

You're like the MLIS slut! I picked up this guy last night and we were trying to get a cab to go back to my place. Well, he sees the Western colledge sluts meat guy and gets all excited and goes to buy a hot dog or something. I finally got us a cab, but he was waiting in line to get his hot dog. He told me to take the cab and he'll call me sometime. I got fuckin' ditched for street meat! Haha, you tried to take home a guy that would rather put a sausage in his mouth than put his in yours! Schwarzenegger is going to lead us into the third World War.

And all they need is me. How was your weekend? Have you started your philosophy essay yet? It was good, went to Jacks and Ceeps. A girl is talking on her cell in an absurdly loud voice. She may have once been Caucasian, but she has tanned her skin to the colour of baked yams. Her bleached hair is pulled back from her face to prevent it smearing the make-up she has seemingly applied with a trowel. Whatever, he'll get over it. I mean, I told him all along I wasn't looking for, like, true love or whatever. And obviously when I said he needed a nose job, I meant a good one! Now he looks all pig-faced. Suddenly looks surprisingly thoughtful You know I think it may have actually looked better before!

I think that was Aunt Jessica! Hey Easter is coming up! We're not fucking cannibals! I didn't really understand Y2K, and then my dad said " to I mean, they turned over to just fine. Why wouldn't they turn over to ? Instead women all over the world are now educating men about how they want to be treated in public. Amsterdam With the phenomenon spreading worldwide each city has adapted the concept to its own social concerns. In Amsterdam this weekend, for example, the rally was much more about gender equality. Organiser Mirjam van Heugten: When two women holding hands walk down the street it is okay. She has experienced it firsthand, even during the media campaign for the Amsterdam Slutwalk.

This very macho male presenter called me a frustrated dyke for organising it!

To me it shows that even in the Netherlands a Slutwalk collexge still necessary. Why was she out at night? Why was she wearing a western-style party dress? But they are being asked over and over again, by the media, the public and government officials.