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Thunderbird Tattoos You don't have to be Native American to respect the power and symbolism of the noble Thunderbird. Of all the Native American symbols, this is perhaps the most universally revered. The Thunderbird is believed to have been inspired by the awe-inspiring image of the mighty Eagle in flight and it is no surprize that many of the characteristics that the Eagle live on in the Thunderbird. Like the Greek Griffin or the Egyptian Sphinx, the Thunderbird is a mythical creature meant to represent the best that mankind has to offer. The Lakota name for the Thunderbird translates to 'sacred winged'.

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Hear word 'thunderbird' pays homage to anc myth that this noble creature has the ability to create thunder with dovs flutter of its mighty wings and can influence natural events like rainfall, thunder, and cloud formation. This explains why the Thunderbird is vove as a symbol of Prosperity and Abundance, and the Bird Man dance which originates from the Mississippian Indians is a popular ceremony held in honour of the Thunderbird's sacred gifts to the tribe. The Thunderbird is a symbol of Creation. For many tribes, the Thunderbird was a servant of the Great Spirit, the Supreme Being that rules everything in the universe. It is seen as an animal of the Sun, bringing with it new possibilities with each coming dawn.

The Haida create elaborate masks in celebration of the Thunderbird's importance in their culture. Logue, left, was accused of plotting the murder with her boyfriend, Jason Andrews, right 'Wicked. Ill just be waiting. Abrahamsen was found dead in his house by a family member some 18 hours later, face down on a massage table with blood splattered on the walls and a ceiling fan.

Dennis Abrahamsen was found stabbed and bludgeoned to death after he hosted a sex party at his home Logue, 30, who is being held at the Pasco County Escort with dove and heart tattoo, originally faced first-degree murder charges, but will now face a lesser charge of second-degree murder in a deal with prosecutors. Abrahamsen had hired Logue to work at a sex party at his house, and police said that's when Logue and Andrews set him up. They traded dozens of text messages about their homicidal plan, police said. According to an affidavit, Logue would later deny that she had anything to do with the killing and claim Andrews was the one who bludgeoned Abrahamsen with a sledgehammer.

Andrews forced her to view Abrahamsen's crushed skull and told her that's what would happen to her if she told anyone. Andrews' Chicago friends find it difficult to believe he was involved in the killing. The year-old Andrews was known in that city as DJ Veritas, and his Facebook and MySpace pages feature several video clips of him playing techno music in large clubs. Logue and Andrews reportedly met on the set of a porn film and were subsequently inseparable, often posting pictures of each other on Twitter Logue seemed like a decent person, said Kristen Cameron, a Florida-based model who met her last year.