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Tech escort weekend, Layton took two of the three race wins, and set himself up to go on and take another season TTech, making it three in a row. There are also a few other tricks Chris has wired in, such as traction control, although he is yet to get if fully dialed before it can be useful. Zac from Carboglass took charge and removed all the bog that had found its way onto the repairs-on-top-of-repairs. Again, anything found off the shelf was suited for top-end power, so Chris put together his own-design four-into-two-into-one stepped headers and then a stepped exhaust.

So, he engineered everything to bring the power on lower Tech escort the rev range and introduce some more torque. The other big area of change was in rewriting all those wrongs that come with panel beating a rally car. He then set about building up the 2.