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Damage for the hr was 70 50 for the tip but YMMV. The Desperate Relaxation Spa here is my vain legend right now because the older lady is good at massages as well as a desperate ending. It's the veto of the ne. I want a min veto rub and then the 10 min android.

Definitely one of the better I've had. Finish was good but not great. Very enthusiastic but I wasn't a fan of the technique. Curious as to what other girls they have. Maybe would get a different experience with a full hr or a different girl. I drew the same lady as before. She remembered me from my previous visit and acted like she was glad to see me. The Readers Digest version is, I had a really great time and tipped double of what I normally do because of the time I had. She has nice perky B cups with small little nipples that get hard when played with.

Nice clean up afterwards and a couple of good hugs and her tongue in my ear and I was out the door. Before I left she told me she was leaving for NY next week and may not be Slut chatrooms. I hope she doesn't go up there and stay because she is definitely a keeper. She was walking and asked me Sandhills nc escort a ride. I was going the way she said she was and said yes. She started the ole I need some help, what you doing Granny slut gallery line.

I smiled to my self and said heading to a club down the way. She said she was more fun than and club and asked if I had time for her to show me. We negotiated a reasonable donation and off to a spot I know of. She is a cute girl, pictures match. Now she does post in Rub Section but there was no massage involved. Started with a very slow, wet BBBJ. Once I was ready, had her get in doggie on the hood and started really going for it. She does moan and stays vey wet. Opened the back of the SUV and had her lay back, put her legs up on my shoulders and dove in. She was throwing it back as much as I was pushing in. Finished in the cover, gave her a wet wipe and cleaned up as she got dressed.

Dropped her back off close to where I was headed. She is Lumbee and can Sandhills nc escort that ghetto attitude about her. I may have to try her incall since she has posted. So when I entered the establishment the Mamasan who worked the desk on my previous visits was the one who gave me the massage. She is in her 40's or 50's and she is a 5 in looks. But, she has a nice body and I was already there, so I stayed. Nice TS and a good massage. She really worked my glutes and lower back, which I needed because of being on my feet all day. On the flip she asked if she could touch my cock and I sure won't going to say no. She had a great technique with starting out slow and building up to the eruption.

She didn't offer to show me her tits, but she did let my hand roam. Nice clean up and I was on my way. I hope to go back when some new talent comes on board. I have been to Massage Envy and got a pretty good massage here in SP. I would suggest looking in the phone book in your area. You probably won't get anything extra, but you can find a good legit massage from a licensed therapist. I am on my feet all day and I need a good massage on a regular basis. The Ultimate Relaxation Spa here is my favorite place right now because the older lady is good at massages as well as a great ending.

I don't know of anyone around there, but I will keep my eye out for one. On the BP forum a couple of guys said that Kate gives a good massage. Maybe one of them may chime in and let you know. If I get some time off I may go see her myself. Had a dream the other day. Dreamt that I fell asleep at a spot over off Reilly with signage. I've taken a few naps there before with some decent results of waking up relaxed, however on my most recent visit as I entered there was an older Ms. Miagi with huge bolt ons in a silky outfit by the desk. I ask if I can get a nice massage from her and she says"yes".

She takes me to the dreaming room and I get comfy. The door opens and in comes A female Buda! This old broad was built like a whisky barrel and probably as heavy as 50 gallons of proof too!! I ask where is the other lady is to which I get" he he he. I no speak englee" Immediately I'm hot that I got the switch hitter that clearly is the anchor man on the tug of war team for the place!! I'm already in my dream suit so I just decide to rub it out. I get dressed and she takes the towel and cloth that she just wiped the oil off me with, folds it up and puts it back on the clean stack by the oils.

As I'm going out she asks" no tippy" to which I reply. I no speak Chinese!! Glad I woke up from that piss poor dream guys!! Moral of the dream is. Watch for switch hitter there and if you get the sumo wrestler in leather skirt and top. It's going to be a sucky dream. Stay safe and save your 50 for better dreams. LOL Snipe that's some funny shit, sucks that it was on hour expense. You better than me though broh, ciz I should wouldn't have committed would have got dressed and ask for my bread back. They tried get me like that at yucca spa When I asked for the shorter owner chick.

Chick at desk was semi cute but tried put a 6'0 even asian middle linebacker on me, I said "oh no! The little lady" as I made the height gesture with my hand and body. She said she good, she do good, I said nah I'll wait smh. Crazy LOL guess they figure we don't have no choice. Damn mybad about the typos, this thing must of auto correct or my phone did one. Usually I make no qualms about getting my fee back and leaving if it looks bad!! There was a older chic there with a smile like a yard rake though that could rub the kinks out of folded plywood and had the softest hands in the orient.

LOL, sometimes the ugly ones will give 3 times the service to over compensate for looks, but sometimes not!! Nato Nat Unfortunately my first share is a bad one. I was looking for a good back rub so I looked at the reviews and decided to take a shot as the massage was more important. First off she barley spoke English, par for the coarse.

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Sandhills nc escort Text me the address, eecort spot as described before. I got there and was sent the apt. This escoft where it went downhill. I got inside and started getting undressed having been told to take my shoes off at the door. She then reminded me of the door fee, So I pulled it esscort and eacort it to her and she asked for Sandhillls tip. Sandhulls told her for what? I haven't even gotten a Sandhjlls yet. She freaks out starts calling me a cop and tries pushing me out without half of my clothes on. Needles to say I won't be back Sandhills nc escort her and will be looking for a different place to go.

When she asked for tip I just nodded and said after. Because of the service, time shortage and robotic Sanrhills her 40 request was escorh down. Better luck on your next hunt. I did some research here and looks like Kate used to give FS as well as a great massage and lollipop. I don't know whether she still has eecort full menu but Sandhillss ad of hers is up on BP massage section if you're interested. A search through the forums Sandbills yield quite a lot of research Sanddhills. I've read nothing but great things so far.

Fat Fred Busy strip mall with lots of street traffic. If you are known in town you may prefer Perry as there is less traffic typically. This was my second time here in 2 weeks and Ana remembered me. Both times I got the one hour massage for. Told her I liked it hard but at times it was too hard, even painful. Her English was almost nonexistent but on the flip she knew the international sign language for HE and it was on. First trip she pulled her bra down and let me play with the twins. Got the feeling that more would be on the menu during subsequent visits. Tried my best to parlay the hand action to a BJ or more but was unsuccessful.

Found out though that she does give an excellent prostate massage if you are into that sort of thing. Other poster was right about blowing on it while leaning across my stomach. Ana, cute, nice body with a full B. Medium C set of store bought titties. Probably a 6 or so on the AMP scale. I would repeat, especially when I need a decent massage. Catching up on some field reports here. Sunday afternoon around 1 pm I rang the bell and was greeted by a very bubbly, cute Asian lady, maybe 6 or 7 on the AMP scale, mid 30's. She told me they were busy and asked me to come back in 45 minutes. I must have appeared like I wasn't going to so she put her hand up my shirt and rubbed my nipple while she kissed my neck.

We were coming back in 45 minutes. So I went to the nearby Lowe's and wandered around to kill time. In retrospect, not a smart move to touch me like that at the front door where people could observe if they were watching the place. When I returned, bubbly girl was busy so I drew Ana yes, same name as the woman at Bejing. What are the chances? Dreamed I opted for one hour for. Ana was also mid 30 ish, about a 5 or so on the AMP scale not ugly but a little frumpy for my taste. Asked me if I had been there before and of course I said yes and threw out Coco's name as the person I had seen after having read it on this site.

Ana was, as another poster mentioned, very shy but gave a great massage including feet, head, etc.

Esscort much no teasing so I rubbed Large breasted redheaded sluts legs a Sandhils when I could reach them to make my interest known. On the flip she shyly asked if I wanted her cn take care of Fred. She Sandhills nc escort know him very well at all eescort she wouldn't have asked such a stupid question. HE was very robotic but resulted in the desired outcum. Did talk her into releasing the hounds but she left shirt on. Contrary to what another poster said, I believe the puppies were original cn but they were nice C's. Distinctly got the impression no extra services were available but I tried my best including pulling a Trump when I tried to grab her xxxxx.

I would repeat but with Ultimate right around the corner no need to unless you like the slightly less public location. John Whitman My understanding is that the menu is limited to massage and lollipop and that FS is not available. But still a great time and well worth her donation. I would agree that she is escorh nice and worth the donation. I hope she is treated well. I have seen her and can confirm that she is very nice, and she also gives a great massage and an excellent lollipop. I want my first time to be very memorable and if you brothers could help me out I would appreciate it and will report back my experience but I don't know any to go to so if anyone can help out I'm looking for an AMP with a BJ or FS happy ending and if possible can you tell me the bird's name that you saw and I'll ask for her PM's are welcome as well.

Maybe it's just me but I'm pretty experienced and think I know most of the tricks of the trade. Just not a good area for that. Plenty of non-mp options if you are so inclined. Healthy Therapy Massage on River Road. On the other side of Greenville, it's several hours away almost to the Ga. IMHO it is a must try if you are ever in the area. But of course that was just a dream I had. Having to be quiet and usually only having a small table isn't my idea of the best atmosphere. Now getting a relaxing massage with an Asian hottie ok sometimes not so hot and then playing the back and forth teasing game to let het know what you want.

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