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Streetwalkers Leaving Streets Behind

Her ratings for Buffalo escort ciara appearance range from "OK if you are drunk" to "Really Hot" and those assessing her performance range from "average" to "went the extra mile. She was one of a dozen current and former escorts, an operator of an escort service, detectives, lawyers and others familiar with the industry interviewed by The Buffalo News. He handles the books, answers e-mails from the men, drives his wife to her appointments and waits outside while she meets the men. Perhaps it was inevitable that the world's oldest profession and the Internet would converge.

Locally, one of the escorts arrested in an Internet-based sting conducted Buffalo escort ciara spring by Buffalk police called her friends in the escort Budfalo later that night to warn them, the Niagara Falls escort-service operator said. The Internet has been a boon for the women, taking the sex trade underground and out of plain sight. Police, lawyers and industry observers say a lot of prostitution activity - particularly that of the escorts - seems to have moved onto the Web.